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Sarah is amazing. She creates a relaxing and professional atmosphere while providing amazing results. I feel so much better every time I leave her table! She’s simply the best. -Madison Burrows

I booked an Akashic Record Healing session with Sarah and was very impressed by her intuitive and discerning skill. I didn't quite know what to expect, but Sarah calmly walked me through a thoughtful meditation, the reading of my record and an explanation of it's relevance to my life. In addition, she happily answered any questions I had after a brief time to process all that she had shared. The experience was spirituality insightful and emotionally uplifting. -Naomi Joy

Sarah is an amazing intuitive healer and astrological guide.  She so beautifully weaves the codes of remembrance, along with the foundational teaching elements of astrology, in a way that is unique to each person’s journey and easy to understand and integrate.  Sarah is a masterful guide on your journey, as she holds a non-judgmental container in such a way that you feel open and expansive to learn, while deeply held and supported as you explore new pieces and aspects of your “self”.  She also uses your intuitive gifts to curate each session, in a personalized way, that would allow for the greatest learning, healing, and expansion.  She makes the learning easy by taking the foundational concepts, and bringing them into personalized real-life examples, as a way of embodied astrology.  If you are looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, a way to expand, heal, or move past blocks in your life, then Sarah is the right intuitive guide for you! -Rhiannon Porter

I don’t leave reviews, she just so good! It’s so important to have someone with grounded, positive energy. Professional, intuitive, grounded and amazing! -Tanya Rose